Ammie’s Goodies Gluten Free Bakery

Ammie’s Goodies is a Portland Oregon based gluten free bakery also specializing in vegan and allergen free baked goods. We source from local suppliers for our freshly milled flours, organic sweeteners and fresh produce from local area farms. We bake our goods fresh daily and sell at local area co-ops and farmer’s markets. We feature seasonal items including our famous pecan pie, sweet biscuits with local fruit jam, pumpkin muffins, blueberry coffee cake, oatmeal with chocolate chip, sourdough french bread and more…..
Our mission is to provide delicious gluten and allergen free baked goods while stewarding the economic, ecological and social good of the communities we serve. We believe that a vibrant community stems from living wage jobs, a local food system and cultural diversity.
We sell retail and wholesale and take direct orders for our goods. Please think of us for your next holiday or event.


2 Responses to Ammie’s Goodies Gluten Free Bakery

  1. Cheryce says:

    Your goodies are absolutely amazing! I wish I still lived in Portland so I could continue to satisfy my g/f and d/f cravings. Nothing else can compare. Wishing you the absolute best!

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